Executive Team   

Alazne Qaisar

Founder & President


Alazne Qaisar is an avid political science, journalism, and photography enthusiast. Coming from the disputed territory of Kashmir, her passion for social justice and student activism propelled her to launch TWR. With no creative restraint, she hopes this initiative will encourage students to take a deeper interest in educating themselves about current events, and engaging in discussions to break the age old notion 'politics is not for the youth'.

Lavanya Menon

Editor-In-Chief & Co-Supervisor Of The Ambassador Program


Lavanya is a passionate young individual who avidly encourages youth to use creativity as an outlet for expression. She devotes her free time to writing, painting, photography, videography, and running her own blog. She strongly believes in the power of the spoken and written word as a force for change and progress. Lavanya has also taken part in numerous poetry competitions and events around Calgary.

Youssef El Mays

Chief Technology Officer


Youssef is a Grade 12 student at Sir Winston Churchill High School. He is a philomath who enjoys a vast range of activities from music to athletics. Youssef is passionate about a variety of topics concerning web development, machine analytics and AI. He spends his free time learning about neuroscience, computer science and biochemistry. As he continues his last year of secondary education, he continues to stay involved in various academic communities like MENSA and AI4 Youth Canada. Youssef hopes to continue providing his expertise in data analytics and website development as the Chief of Tech for The Written Revolutions.

Mohamed Ahmed

Senior MENA Columnist & Senior Web Developer


Mohamed is a Grade 12 student at Sir Winston Churchill High School. He is a passionate advocate for education and involvement in international affairs. Mohamed is interested in website design and development and is proficient in a plethora of programming languages. He is also a competitive swimmer for the University of Calgary Dinos. His dedication to his work is driven by his fascination with Middle Eastern Politics and Global Affairs. Mohamed spends his free time learning about programming and researching global issues. He hopes to help advance TWR’s mission with his significant contributions.

Tim Vong

Marketing Specialist & Co-Supervisor Of The Ambassador Program


Tim has a passion for politics; he enjoys the humanities and aspires to be a lawyer in the future. Aside from TWR, Tim can be found cheering for the Calgary Flames, competing at debate tournaments, or participating at MUN conferences. He looks forward to establishing a platform for youth to speak out on key social, political, and economic issues.

Badra Abbas

Senior Columnist Specializing In Asian Affairs


"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." - Martin Luther King Jr. Badra Abbas is a passionate student of science with a deep interest in politics, debate, and social issues. Badra has a desire to see honest discussion revived in global politics, and an end to the disregard of human life. She hopes that the growth of this platform inspires people to voice their opinions, and break the cycle of misinformation and injustice.

Shayan Siddiqui

Senior Economics & Finance Columnist


Shayan is a grade 12 student with a keen interest in the economics and finance world. When he is not writing, he enjoys cooking dishes from around the world. He hopes that this platform can help youth better understand the financial world and the role it plays in our ever evolving world.

Henry Yang

Event Manager & Poetry Columnist


Henry Yang is an avid public speaker and writer. A devoted advocate of creative expression, he believes that using artistic intuition is an innovative and effective method of facilitating dialogue and change. He has a great deal of appreciation for TWR and its intriguing mandate; using creative forms of expression to discuss and shed light on sociopolitical callings on the international stage.

Anusha Ramesh

Senior Editor


Anusha Ramesh is a strong-willed high school student who has a passion for the arts especially singing, health sciences, and history. She is learning Carnatic singing and has a great appreciation for music. She loves getting involved with the community which is why she regularly volunteers at places such as the Ronald McDonald House and Foothills Hospital. Through TWR, she hopes to gain more knowledge on current affairs.

Vaishu Koduri

Debate Director & Poetry Columnist


Vaishu Koduri is an avid poet, public speaker, and photographer. She enjoys discussing complex social and political issues that affect her, and the people around her, as well as learning more about the nature of the world she lives in. Her work at TWR focuses on promoting discussion and decreasing polarization among youth, and she writes creative pieces about societal issues that don't get enough attention.

Nicole Cohen

Poetry Columnist & Senior Literature Co-Lead


Nicole Cohen is a dedicated high school student with a passion for poetry, health sciences, mental health awareness, advocating for LGBT rights, women’s rights, and speaking out against antisemitism. Living in Calgary, AB, Nicole is an active student, dedicating her time to coordinating volunteering opportunities that positively impact her community. She is also a member of Speech, Debate, Model UN, the school newspaper, and figure skates regularly. Understanding the disparity between her life in Canada and those in her home country, Brazil, Nicole is compelled to take part in The Written Revolutions to contribute as an active voice. Through the means of her self-authored poetry, she aims to shine light on these important issues that hold true to her, and positively represent youth with opinions like her own.

Kishi Akinsunmade

Poetry Columnist & Senior Literature Co-Lead


Kishi Akinsunmade is a spoken word performer who is passionate about music and writing. Her love for music led to her participation in the Calgary Stampede Showband and many other music ensembles. Kishi’s love for kids has translated into her passion for dance, as she choreographs dances for children at her local church. With this enthusiasm for the arts, she is inspired by math and science and hopes to pursue a career in medicine. Kishi hopes to enlighten youth on social issues by providing an objective yet interesting point of view as a Poetry columnist and Senior literature co-lead at The Written Revolution.

Abbie Seto

Political Columnist & Communication And Network Strategist


Abbie is a passionate photographer, artist and writer. Abbie loves to talk and share my ideas in debate and MUN conferences, and I'm also deeply passionate about social issues around the world. Abbie loves to travel and volunteer too. In the future, Abbie wants to pursue a career in law, crimonology and pscyhology. And through TWR, Abbie hopes to shine light on issues that are rarely discussed, engage discussion amongst youths and connect with people globally, in hopes to make the world a more positive and better place

Zehra Zaidi

Creative Director


Zehra Zaidi is a high school student with keen interest in biology and chemistry as she hopes to set foot in the medical field. With this mindset, she began volunteering at the Children’s Hospital a year ago and has gained a greater understanding of the importance of humanity and collectivity in society. Inspired by many children who expressed their emotions through art in the hospital, she began conveying powerful and meaningful messages through her photography and poetry.With her artwork, she wants to plant courage within others to strengthen voices against injustices and oppression around the world. And this is very much possible with The Written Revolution.

Natalia Alvarez

Videographer & Video Editor


Natalia Alvarez is very passionate about world affairs and politics as she's lived in many different countries and seen the injustices of all. She discovered her loved of video making and editing about four years ago and since then has fallen in-love with the art of film. With this skill she hopes to portray The Written Revolutions message through her work. Another passion includes teaching as she has been coaching for Cascade Competitive Swim Club for three years and is looking for education as a career.

Anna Johnson

Communication & Network Strategist


Interested in politics and creative writing and being vocal about social issues.

Abigail Thomas

Graphic Designer & Ambassador


Abigail Thomas is a multi-disciplinary creative, dedicated to creating awe-inspiring works of Art. Currently pursuing a degree in Design, She strongly believes in design as a medium that aids in improving connections between people. She has immense appreciation for The Written revolutions and the impact it has had on her journey of activism. She wants to share the same with the people that she interacts with.

Nick Housenga

Graphic Designer


Nick is a high school senior from rural Alberta, Canada. He is part of many committees around his hometown, including a nonprofit and his school division’s leadership team. Nick first began practicing graphic design for a digital media class in Grade 10. Four months later, he won a regional competition in the category. As part of TWR, Nick hopes to amplify the voices of young columnists. He enjoys listening to podcasts and learning about biology in his spare time.

Arlene Sonn

Graphic Designer


Arlene Sonn is a graphic design enthusiast with an eye for precisely capturing and creating graphic designs that articulately communicates the intended message. Looking to pursue a degree in culinary management, she deems art to be the supreme language of expression. By acquiring membership in the Written revolutions team, she aims to enhance her skills at designing whilst simultaneously efficiently executing projects aiding in effective campaigning.

Christopher Egan

Senior Political Columnist


Christopher Egan is an Upper Sixth student from Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom. His interests include the political philosophy of the social contract theorists, Middle Eastern affairs, Latin American politics, and Brexit. He also hosts a podcast, The Power of Politics, which discusses various political issues.