The Practice Of Nepal’s Menstrual Taboo - Chhaupadi Pratha

April 20, 2020

By: Arya Khadka

At the Cusp of the hour,
There are the flames of the sea that reside in our vicinity,
We as the kings and queens of our domains,
Why do we reside in silence?
Like the calm before the storm,
Why do we lay on the seashore?
And endure the waves of despicable actions,
Actions beyond the realm of tranquility,
The silent ones aid in the aggravation,
In discrimination, racism, casteism, sexism,
The blind faith and the deep-rooted regressive mindsets
Of every morsel of sand on the seashores,

Don’t let it encapsulate your thoughts,
Let go of the fear you once held in the firm grip of societal pressure,
Let it go like the wind,
The remedy is the voice that is embedded,
The robust voice every morsel of sand possesses in this seashore,
The fierce voice that shrieks free from the shackles of reservations,
Be Opinionated, hold dynamic thoughts and ideas,
Let out the message with crispness and clarity,
Be an inspiration instead of leading a life with desperation,
Don’t showcase benevolence to the waves,
Live like a free bird over the horizon,
With the personality of a lion,

In the end of it all,
We must put an end to the societal norms and regressive mindsets,
The current is strong, yet the waves are narrow and shallow,
Keep your emotions to a piece,
Be a Vivid dreamer and hold a hand to your heart and believe,
At the end of the wave,
There is always a beautiful sky