It Was Dinner Time

October 8, 2020

By: Kishi Akinsunmade

It was dinner time. 

I was eating my weight in despair,

At least what I thought it meant

It was not dinner time, 

It was celebration time

Apparently, it was time for fireworks

Or so it seemed

It was not celebration time,

It was laughter time 

Entertainment was scarce

Except for the grumbles of Nora

It was not laughter time,

It was dread

Maybe the sound of the rapture,

Have I missed God 

Have I seen God

It was not real

It was fake

What kind of animation

has my nation been able to procure?

Where is the camera

Am I to run with all my stamina?

It was not fake

It was …

Nora stopped,

Why did she stop?

My annoying sister 


I miss you 

I just want to see you

Heaven is nothing without you.

It was not dinner time.

It was death.

Author’s Note

This poem addresses the Beirut Explosion. It delves into the perspective of a fictional character who lost their life because of this explosion. The explosion occurred on August 4th and began with little explosions like fireworks taking place before the biggest and most devastating blast went off. Many people died and others were left orphaned, homeless, and sick. This man-made explosion put things into perspective for most. Many have had to readjust the definition of their norm because things as basic as dinner becomes a privilege. This should not be from fear of death but the appreciation of life. I wrote this poem to remind us to be grateful.