Reflections On The Human Conditions

September 5, 2020

By: Iman Bajwa

[Number One] 

Understanding the human being is a perplexing thing.

From the tips of our toes to the very depths of our soul; we are

unlike any other.

We don’t co-exist, oh no, not even with each other.

We walk the earth as if we own it.

To each their own, we claim.

Yet, we can’t help but insert ourselves and our ways everywhere.

North, West, East, and South; mankind has without a doubt, spread its destruction, laid its waste.

Without a thought, without remorse.

You see, we can’t help it. We are greedy creatures.

We were made this way. Not by our Creator, but by this world, that we have bred on blood.

We were all born with hearts of gold, but die with souls so cold.

Irreparable, we are. Ungrateful. Unworthy.

But are we really? Shall we succumb to this horrifying reality? Or will we break free and make our stand?

Be it futile. Will we stand for all we see? Speak out as the free?

Or will you let your silence define you? Forever enslaved by the ideology of “what if?”.

Silence is violence. Silence is compliance. Make your stand.

[Number Two]

What is material possession, but the silencing of our souls?

A condemning of our hearts, that yearn for actual gold.

What we truly seek, is not something that we can hide and keep.

It is a light that must be shared, a hope that must be spread. 

A love that must be taught, and justice for those who have fought.

We may pile up our gems and stones, hide in our homes of bones, but we cannot run from our holes.

We are a sinking people.

Ready to be lost into time, unknown.

[Number Three]

When quarantine started, I never thought we’d be here for this long. In the beginning, I was adamant about using my time productively. Yet, as this nightmare stretched farther than I had imagined, I lost my motivation, as have many of you. I’m still beating myself up every day for not meeting a study goal or not waking up on time, but it’s ok to not be at your best right now. It’s ok to take a breather and do nothing. It’s ok to not be ok right now. Especially us teens who feel like our entire world has been turned upside down. School shifted online and a lot of us were struggling to pay attention. Our exams were canceled and we had no clue what our grades were going to be. Some of us had applications coming up, a lot of us were waiting on hearing back from places we had applied to. We can’t seem to focus on anything “productive” like we’re being told to. “Utilize this time well”, “get a head start,” they tell us. If you are managing all this, good for you but a lot of us are not. I’m tired of this stretching on and I’m tired of people pretending like it’s over. It’s not. People are dying. We have a responsibility to do our part not just for ourselves, but for everyone else too. Since so many have lost their lives, revel in the fact that you are alive and well. This thought hit me like a ton of bricks. Out of millions, I am still here and breathing. I still feel the way I do, and that’s valid. As it’s valid for you to feel however you do. But it’s astonishing that I’m still here, that my journey isn’t over. I may leave tomorrow or the day after, but to know that I have not gone yet must mean something. That I made it this far. Stay safe, stay home.