August 16, 2020

By: Kishi Akinsunmade

Hi my name is-

Oh I’m mona


Nice to meet you mona 


I know it is


Well my name is Des-

Oh, honey, you might want to change that 

Well I’m new here


It’s obvious, is that your outfit?

I think it’s cute 

Yeah definitely Walmart chic

I’m sorry can you excuse me 

Yeah don’t have a chance without me


Ok then

Since we are besties,

I’m gonna be honest


Besties huh..okay

Ok so I’m definitely doing you a favour 

No need for an attitude 

You need to get contacts 

Some hair gel 

Some makeup please 

It hurts to look at you 

And these clothes need to go 

If you thrift your whole wardrobe

might as well buy from a second-hand brand 

Also, we may need to do something about the extra weight 

Like you’re so cute 

I just want to bring out the best in you 

I know we just met but I feel this connection


Aww you’re so sweet 

I think we’re gonna be real good friends 

Well, I'm going to-

Sorry, I got to go but don’t do what you were just about to do 

Also, I’m in all the clubs 

So don’t join any because it’s my territory


Yeah sure thing mona


Babes don’t even stress it, I’m just ready to give back


Well, she’s such a sweetie..

Like the tree of knowledge

of good and evil, 

She opens my eyes to the wonders that are the world 

That behind the sugar is diabetes,

Behind the clothes is nothing but a void, 

A black hole that I cannot escape from 

Because I gravitate towards toxicity 

I was programmed this way 

Just like she was programmed to be the centre of her world, 

I am lost in space at a time when the earth was considered to be flat,

How can I be saved when the basis of their reasoning is wrong? 

I am programmed to be the underdog best friend 

Cutting her off is like the solar system losing the sun 

But would I rather live in darkness than sunburn 

Or maybe when she’s gone I don’t see the burn 

I’ll just feel it 

Is she worth knowing? 

Or learning to love? 

I cannot shut her up 

She won’t stop till- 

Hey girl 

Can you stop being weird and do something productive?

Hey girl my name is Desmona   

And you are nothing but a part of me 

I control you 

And I’m tired of your narcissistic husky attitude 

I forgot that Des came before mona   

So I’m gonna try this again 

Hi my name is Des 

Hey Des!

Call me Desmona

Just as a little reminder that

I start here and you end there.

Author's Note:  

This poem is built around the idea of a toxic friendship. This is an odd friendship as both friends are part of one persona. This poem exhibits aspects of bullying because most of our first experiences with it occur within ourselves. The poem shows the toxicity of one's self-hatred and shows the journey of overcoming it. Another thing to note within the poem is that although one of the girl’s names is mona, it was not capitalized because mona begins in the middle of Desmona and Des is the only one deserving of the capital.

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