July 27, 2020

By: Anna Johnson

This is in no way to criticize those who are privileged, this is to criticize those who remain silent despite being privileged. If you aren't human enough to raise your voice for others, then you are not human at all.


By Anna Johnson

There's a story

A story you don't know.

There's pain

There's blood

There are tears stuck to the window

Like you're stuck to your privilege.

There are screams

As loud as the music you play.

There is anger

As angry as you are when you don't get what you want.

There is sadness

As sad as you are for life not going your way.

There is ignorance

From the ones who drown in power.

There is silence

From the ones who can't climb out of their privileged walls.

And then there is the story.

The story of them and you


You see Christmas with lights

You see joy and happiness

You see sadness for seconds until it is gone

You see food

You see a roof

You see life, a future, a past to cherish.


They see despair

They see blood at their dining table

They see pain at their porch

Bedrooms with the screams of lost souls

Children don't play outside

Oh no, they don't.

There is pain and hurting

On all our stories

But yours.

Yours is a story they'll remember.

Theirs is a story many will forget like it was fiction

Another page to history.

Until you crawl through the silence

Crawl through the silence and scream.

And scream.

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