July 3, 2020

By: Anonymous

Maybe then they would see beyond us and see me for what I am
Maybe they become colour blind and convict us because black is the new red
Maybe my shade appears inferior to their arguable colour 
Maybe their guns act as walking sticks, hopelessly tapping in order to function
Maybe the lack of sense they have translates to the colour black because fear what you do not understand
Maybe blindness can fix racism

Maybe it would be safer to walk in the streets when you’re at risk already 
Maybe closing your eyes and trusting the smell of fear will keep you safe
Maybe hunting for a street where you’re not watched can be a living reality
Maybe being blind makes the sound of screams of self-determination more obvious 
Maybe braille cannot translate that quarantine is a teen compared to their lockdown
Maybe blindness can free Kashmir

Maybe having one disability reduces the chances of being killed by another
Maybe being blind is enough nourishment for a sick child we cannot see
Maybe the heightened sense of touch can deliver education to one barely surviving
Maybe taste can supplement as immunization or good living conditions
Maybe being blind can fight a five-year war that plunges a country into inexistence
Maybe blindness can save Yemen

I don’t know how to address it but maybe if I’m blind I won’t have to directly
Maybe blindly shooting innocents can end a war they were not drafted to fight
Maybe a righteous goal can take away the sight of a sinful man
Maybe blindness can stop the chase of a hero that burns instead of saves
Maybe a seeing-eye dog can find the drugs and save a soul
Maybe blindness can win the war on drugs in the Philippines

Maybe it’s better to be blind, to feel around instead of feeling (refugee crisis in Latin America)
Maybe running without seeing caused the return to their homeland
Maybe blindness could translate an accent and decide it was not worthy
Maybe tan is not a colour on the spectrum of a non-existing sense, hence dehumanized
Maybe sunglasses can shield their vacant stare as they point nowhere ordering a u-turn on a better life
Maybe blindness can solve the refugee crisis in Latin America

I wish I was blind
Then maybe me speaking up would not be atrocious
Maybe igniting their sense of hearing can reduce the pain of seeing the light 
Maybe my minority could count as majority
But maybe I’m already blind
Maybe blindness can save me and not them.

gray statue