Seven Silent Seas

June 7, 2020

By: Vaishu Koduri

Refusing to let the waves cripple us, the sun melt us, and the tide drown us.

We fight tooth and nail for a chance to see tomorrow.
We scavenge and sprawl for scraps of subtle sustenance.

We drink the blood of the ocean, we cling to the shells of future memories.
We are the drifters, on this raft of broken promises.
The planks of battered wood loosely holding their place on this never-changing waterscape.
We are the life of this dead ocean, we are the heart of this dull place, but we refuse to beat.

As we float, our hatred seeps into the water, but we persist.
We will not tumble, we will not fall.

We are the survivors on this fluctuating plateau,
While nature forces us to sink, we diminish her for minute gasps of air.

We are the observers, we stand our ground and ignore everything around.
While we fight to breathe, we take her lungs away.

We are the sailors, on this barren land.
We remained alive, without mere remnants of sand.

  • A short piece about how the destructive natures of humanity might guarantee our short term survival, but disregard the state of the environment.
  • We may live to see tomorrow, but we’ve killed the opportunity to see the day after.
  • We claim we are fighting a battle, as though our existence is the most important factor, completely disregarding the state the world will be in if we continue our harmful tactics.