Proud Love

Wednesday, June 24, 2020
This is a poem to remember the Stonewall riots and its leader, Marsha P. Johnson, the coolest drag queen ever. But honestly, it is for everyone who feels like they don't belong. This is for you. 

Proud Love 
By: Anna Johnson 

I write this for everyone
For everyone who felt unloved
Who felt unacceptable
Who felt like they didn't belong

I write this for everyone
To each and every letter
When the whole world stands against you

When love is not love
When hate is all there to exist
When they kick you out
When they question you
When they laugh at you

When you cry
When you break down
When, with every tear,
You question your own love

When traditions and customs
Follow like burdens
When questions are asked
When you pick up that flag of color
And when you are judged

I write this for everyone
To remember stonewall
To remember Marsha Johnson

To remember love will always be love
To remember that God doesn't hate you
To remember that you are still you
No matter who you kiss under the moonlight
No matter how you see love
No matter how you feel

You will be always you.
You will always be more than labels
And love will simply be love.

(Stonewall Riots 1969)

Hero of the Week – Marsha P. Johnson – Glenwood's Division 2
(Marsha P. Johnson 1945-1992)

"[Marsha P. Johnson] is remembered as one of the most significant activists for transgender rights, although the term "transgender" wasn't commonly used during her lifetime. Johnson identified as a "transvestite" and a drag queen, and used she/her pronouns."


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