Female Genital Mutilation

By: Areej Shaikh

“I will never forget that day...since that day, my personality has changed and I’m depressed. …I’ve lost my love for this world because of what happened at the hands of people I trusted.”...

April 15th, 2021

How Young People Are Influencing The Stock Market

By: Anjali Mehta

Young people are certainly not as involved in the stock market as older generations; only about one in five Millennials in the United States actually has an investment account. But COVID-19 has triggered many y...

April 4th, 2021

Anti-Asian Discrimination

By: Abbie Seto

The recent shooting rampage at the Atlanta-area spas in Georgia shook the Asian community, leaving many stunned and hurt by the tragedy. The occurrence incited an uproar on social media that was filled with gri...

April 3rd, 2021

A Forgetful World

By: Katherine K

Insomnia. Swelled knots underneath the skin. Larvae swimming through intestines. Irreversible blindness. The symptoms of Neglected Tropical Diseases are unbearably cruel to over a billion people they affect...

April 1st, 2021

When They Were In Bloom

By: Nicole Cohen

For this piece, I intended to capture the ongoing effects that antisemitism and religious persecution has left on my family. Although these issues are not exclusive to Jewish people, this poem is deeply rooted...

April 10th, 2021

Indian Agricultural Crisis

By: Mohammad Amaan Siddiqui

Indian resources and industries were depleted before gaining independence, and the socioeconomic status of the nation was in ruins. A lot was done to alleviate the perils that the young nation faced leading to...

December 9th, 2020

Rebuilding An Empire

By: Issac Vinu

The regions of Central Asia and the Middle East are considered some of the most economically diverse parts of the world. The dependence of the Central Asian economy on oil, tourism, and various other resources...

December 3, 2020

The World Turns Its Back On Palestine

By: Areej Shaikh

On August 13, 2020, the Minister of Foreign Affairs for The United Arab Emirates, Anwar Gargash, announced that the UAE had made deals with the Israeli government in order to normalize relations with Israel, in...

January 6th, 2021